Aura Hairspray

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AURA Hairspray 15ml


for veiled-hair

Veiled-hair suffers from a lack of circulation that results in increased hair loss, split ends, lack of shine, an itchy scalp and an unpleasant odor. Maida Muslimah hair sprays help to resolve these problems with ingredients by strengthening hair roots and keeping the scalp feeling clean and fresh all day.

This attraction enhancing, pheromone infused hairspray is made with advanced biotechnology that safely removes odor and relieves scalp discomfort at the same time. Made with natural phyto-based ingredients, and an Aloe Vera-based moisturizing agent, this hair spray is a must-have for ladies with veiled-hair.

- For best effects, use 2-times a day for best results.
- Spray on hair and scalp, massage evenly until completely absorbed into scalp


  • Ideal for tropical climates

  • Made with natural ingredients

  • Made in a GMP Halal facility