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Buy 3 Free 3 - [Borges] Classic Olive Oil 500ml - Bundle of 3 (Exp: 05/2022)

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[Borges] Classic Olive Oil - 500ML
Borges olive oil classic is the result of an extraordinary blend of refined olive oil and high quality extra virgin oil. Due to its less accentuated flavor and aroma, it is the most suitable oil for frying, braising, vegetables and the meat stew.

--Available in 500ml, 1L & 2L sizes--
A light olive oil of exceptional quality, Borges Classic Olive Oil is your ideal kitchen partner, enhancing a huge range of dishes with its unique, delicate flavor. It adds a delicate touch to your dishes, enhancing their true flavors.

--Nutritional information for 100g-- 
* Energy 3700 kJ / 900kcal
* Fat of which 100 g
* Saturates 15 g
* Carbohydrate of which 0 g
* Sugars 0 g
* Protein 0 g
* Salt 0 g