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BUSTER Plughole Sanitiser Eucalyptus Pro 1kg

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BUSTER Plughole Sanitiser Eucalyptus Pro

No More Smelly Sinks

  • Fresh Eucalyptus scent

  • Foaming granules fill the pipe

  • Use regularly for long-lasting freshness

Offensive smells from your plughole are caused by the build-up of bacteria and grime. These bacteria multiply to create bad odours and potentially harmful germs.

Buster Plughole Sanitiser Foaming Granules clean the plughole and surrounding area to freshen, kill germs and banish bad smells.

The unique formula works in dishwashers, washing machines and waste disposals too, leaving them fresh and clean.

Our Story

Here at Challs we like to do things differently and have been changing the way people clean for over 30 years.

We are experts in developing and manufacturing specialist cleaning products, including drain care, bin care, technology cleaning and traditional chemicals. We continue to expand and develop a successful portfolio of market leading brands across the globe through category leading innovation and pioneering new products.

From humble beginnings, Challs has grown from a small bedroom to a multinational business with offices located in the UK, USA, Singapore and Australia. We are however, first and foremost a British family owned business with family values at its core.

We consistently strive to be as eco responsible as possible by investing in our products, premises and technology to assist with our goal of reducing our eco footprint. We even harvest energy from rainwater and solar panels!

We are immensely proud of what we do and who we are.