Diamond Hill Chardonnay South Eastern Australia 13% 2018

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Diamond Hill Chardonnay South Eastern Australia 13% 2018

This wine is characterised by a beautiful deep yellow color.  The scent is intertwined with sweet ripe flowers and green fruit.  Extremely fulfilling on the palette, with an unmistakeably ripe fruity taste.
diamond Hill chardonnay Australia

About the Manufacturer

Diamond Hill has been a guarantee of quality wine since the turn of the millennium. The idea people behind Diamond Hill wanted to show that Australia can deliver much more than just Shiraz. In fact, the vast continent can muster over 70 different grape varieties. Diamond Hill wanted to concentrate on South Eastern Australia and chose to focus on a total of four different wines from exquisite fields in the area.

With the two red wines, a white wine and a rosé wine, Diamond Hill demonstrates the essence and diversity of the wines of South Eastern Australia. Each of their wines is a precious little stone symbolized by the well-known diamond-shaped logo. Over the years Diamond Hill has achieved great awards for their wines.

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