[Harvest] Raldmoyer Self - Drying Facial Cleansing Device (LD 8668)

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Purifying and protective skin care in your hand An intelligent facial cleaning solution that takes care of itself as it takes care of you.

This device comes with versatile functional modes designed to provide just the right touch for deep yet gentle cleansing of your skin. The overall result is an improved texture and appearance of your skin. With 2 alternating speeds (slow and fast) and 2 brush head options (ultra soft and silicone), it cleanses gently and deeply thereby reduce blackheads, traces of makeup, oil and environment pollutants.

The automated wind-drying and UV sterilization functions give added assurance for hygiene and against contaminants on the brush heads after use. Thoughtfully designed by Raldmoyer for optimal care of your skin.

[Product Details]

* 4 cleaning modes
- 2 way alternating 360 degree rotation (clockwise / anti-clockwise).
- 2 speed setting: soft and fast.

* 2 brush head options:
A: Standard 
- Extra-fine brush tips with deep pore penetration to clean pores and improve skin texture

B: Silicone
- Gently removes surface buildup; environmental pollutants such as dust, grease and makeup (suitable for sensitive skin). Crescent shaped brush tip reduces occurrence of allergies and helps with exfoliation.

*Automatic wind-drying of the brush head and ultraviolet (UV) sterilization after use when place on the base charging unit.

* Micro vibration pressure cleanses and massages.

* Fast foaming effect with facial cleansing liquid.

* USB wireless induction charging.

* Up to 1 hour of continuous usage.

* Water resistant - safe for use during shower.

* Compact design - easy when travelling.