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[HARVEST] Whealth Nutritional Health Tonic [养生精] 720ml (Bundle of 2)

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A Chinese herbal tonic drink Made in Singapore!

The 10 Top Quality herbs used in this traditional recipe, is specifically used to;
Replenish Qi energy [补气]
Tonify kidneys [补肾]
Replenish blood [补血]

Lessen fatigue, allowing you to be more energized. Other benefits also include; better complexion, better sleep quality and better hair quality.

Health Tonic is suitable for men, women, elderly and children of all ages. Boasting a great tasting mix of bitter sweet herbs. [Whealth] contains no sugar or alcohol and it is certified Halal. Each box contains a 20ml cup for ease of measuring and consuming.

Direction and Dosage:
Consume 1 cup as given (20ml) orally once in morning and once in night. May consume before or after meal.

Tiredness from working, illness hectic lifestyle resulting in weak health and blood. Individuals with good health may use it to improve skin condition and for beautifying purpose.

Promote blood and Qi energy circulation, strengthen kidneys and back, nourish blood, calm nerves and promote quality sleep, improving skin complexion and promote growth of black hair.

No known side effect and contraindication.

Room temperature away from sunlight. Keep out of reach of reach of children. Store in refrigerator after opening.



服法与用量: 口服, 早晚各一次。饭前饭后均可。每次20毫升。每盒内备有量杯。

主治: 工作劳累,久病体虚,生活忙碌而造成腰膝酸痛,筋骨无力,血虚萎黄。正常体格者可达到滋补养颜的功效。

功能: 大补元气,强腰补肾,补血活血,养血安神,促进睡眠质量,护肤养颜,促进黑发健康生长。


储藏: 室温,避免阳光照晒。儿童接触不到的地方。开瓶后,放进冰箱保鲜为佳。