Silverboom Special Reserve Shiraz Merlot Swartland 15%

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Silverboom Special Reserve Shiraz Merlot Swartland 15%


Silverboom Shiraz-Merlot is a very soft and full-bodied wine with plenty of South African sun and heat in the glass. From the scent, there is a wealth of wild berries and licorice, as well as a fine hint of spices. In the taste, one meets with the same tones as from the scent and with a complex taste impression of pepper and fine firm tannins being supplemented giving a long lasting aftertaste. Silverboom can advantageously be enjoyed now and can also easily withstand up to five years from the harvest year. 

About the winemaker

Silverboom is top quality wines from South Africa.South Africa has undergone a huge change in recent decades and today the country is deliverable in a sea of ​​lovely wines. One of the main reasons for this is the location of the country. Besides skilled winemakers, good wine requires a number of factors: sun, heat, cold and a good soil. All this is present in South Africa. In recent years, South Africa has also fostered a new and innovative generation of winemakers. People with their eyes on the rest of the wine world, seeking inspiration in both Italy and France. Silverboom is the result of top winemakers and generous nature. The best of South Africa made with a good portion of European flavor.

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