Make the Rest of 2022 Better for You!

Make the Rest of 2022 Better for You!

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We’re halfway through 2022 — let’s make the second half even better!


Each year we begin with hopes and aspirations, but as the months pass we’re met with struggles and hurdles that hinder us along the way. We’ve already left half of 2022 in the past, so before the rest of 2022 slips away, let’s use the rest of this time to dedicate ourselves towards higher aspirations and goals to create a more fulfilling future. Whether our aim is to work more efficiently or achieve our physical peak, NOW Foods has got the perfect supplements for our self-betterment journey!



Before you start your goal-settings and resolutions…


There’s a lot to think about — who you want to be, what you want to do, how you’re going to accomplish your goals, the list goes on. So before your brain gets lost navigating that maze,

give it a helping hand with NOW Foods Docosahexaenoic Acid (DHA) and NOW Foods Acetyl-L-carnitine. DHA, the most indispensable of the fish oils containing omega-3 fatty acids, is essential for maintaining normal brain function in adults. When incorporated into a diet, it improves learning ability and helps fight diseases like depression and hypertension [1]. Acetyl-L-carnitine, which helps convert fatty acids into energy [2], has been shown to improve memory and attention, without any significant side effects [3][4]. These NOW Foods supplements are the best way to boost brain power and focus!



Let’s Begin!


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Regardless of which habit you’d like to build, it’s a great idea to start with an implementation intention. Implementation intentions are plans to fulfil an activity with a specific template: “During the next week, I will partake in at least 20 minutes of vigorous exercise on [DAY] at [TIME] in [PLACE].”


The practicality of implementation intentions is underscored in a 2001 British study on behaviour change. Study participants were divided into three groups; the first group created implementation intentions for exercise, the second group watched videos on the benefits of exercise, while the third group was the control group who was simply told to find time to exercise sometime in the next week. Researchers found that only 35-38% of the control group and second group actually exercised, compared to 91% of the first group who created implementation intentions [5] to meet their goals!


With this tool, there’s little doubt you can achieve the goals you set out for yourself. Simply find a quiet environment where you’re unlikely to be disturbed, and jot down your implementation intention!



Make Time for Your Body


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In starting any wellness journey, it’s always wise to begin with our physical health and mental well-being. A great activity that encompasses both aspects is through regular exercise, as it improves mood and — perhaps quite ironically — decreases fatigue in the long run [6][7]. In line with your full body and full mind journey to wellness, we’ve listed a couple of NOW Foods supplements that will help you improve your physical performance, recovery, and growth!



NOW Foods Creatine Monohydrate

  • Creatine Monohydrate is a well-established supplement that increases lean body mass and decreases the likelihood of injury, without the risk of side effects. [8]
  • NOW Foods Creatine Monohydrate is also made pure, with no additives or preservatives.


NOW Foods Vitamin D

  • Vitamin D optimises muscle function, decreases inflammation and pain, while increasing muscle protein synthesis, strength, and jump strength. [9]
  • Although normally obtained through food consumption and sun exposure, these methods produce insufficient levels of Vitamin D for most people.


NOW Foods Iron Complex

  • NOW Foods Iron Complex is a unique blend of Ferrochel Iron (a bioavailable form of iron) and its important co-nutrients combined with complementary botanicals
  • This essential mineral is often deficient in athletes, leading to decreases in oxygen transport to cells, and overall muscle performance, so it’s always handy to have this vital supplement on hand! [10]




Consistency: The Crucial Engine for Success


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Consistently working towards your goals may seem impossibly difficult — sometimes you might feel like you’re setting a goal knowing you’ll break it eventually. According to a study by Forbes, 80% of people fail their New Year’s resolution by February. [11] You can tackle this consistency issue by establishing and following through with realistic habits that start slow, before building yourself up. A great rule-of-thumb to follow is the Two-Minute Rule: when beginning your habit, it should take less than two minutes to complete. This effectively simplifies the task of starting a habit, which prepares you to eventually build yourself up. [12]


Setting resolutions and goals takes time, and following through is even more demanding. We hope you can start small and slowly build up. Regardless of where you have been in the past 6 months, the next few months can and will be a different story if you work consistently and remain focused on the goals you want to achieve. Good luck in setting meaningful goals!


















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