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[Morilins Home] Designer Fridge Produce Organizer - BPA-Free, with Handle & Date Cover, Includes a Unique Condensation Tray for Fresh Produce Storage

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Key product features
Maintain freshness longer with an airtight lid.
Condensation tray in-built, keeping produce dry all the time.
Ergonomic handle design for a better grip on your containers!
A true space saver, with a slightly recessed lid, these containers are stackable.
Enjoy healthier fresh foods with a date keeper!

Product specification
Available in 3L (M) and 5L (L) capacity.
Available in 2 colors Clear Green Tint and Clear Gray Tint.

Material Specification
Made from durable high quality food grade PP + PET material and is BPA-Free.

Not for use in microwave, oven or dishwasher.
Clean with mild soap and water only.