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  • Hillside Valley Ruby Cabernet Red Wine - Bloom Concept
  • Hillside Valley Ruby Cabernet Red Wine - Bloom Concept
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Hillside Valley Ruby Cabernet Red Wine

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Hillside Valley Ruby Cabernet 13.5%

Hillside Valley Colombar`d / Chardonnay has a beautiful light yellow color in the glass with fine green reflections. 



Hillside Valley Ruby Cabernet has a beautiful ruby ​​red color, which is also the reason for the grape's name. The wine is lovely soft with a pleasant aroma of fresh red fruits and with nice intensity. Hillside Valley is a full-bodied wine with a strong taste of fresh fruit and ripe red berries. The wine's aftertaste is intense, long and persistent:

Hillside Valley Ruby Cabernet is a perfect match for light meat dishes and cheese.

Serving temperature: 16-18°C


Hillside Valley is made from 100% Ruby Cabernet grapes, carefully selected by the winemaker and harvested at optimum ripeness. After a long soaking of the must, the wine is fermented to increase color and flavor complexity. Fermentation takes place at a controlled temperature to preserve fruit and grape typicality in the final wine.


About the winemaker

The grapes for Hillside Valley are mainly grown in California's largest Central Valley wine region, located approx. 100 km east of San Francisco. In addition to being a large wine region, the Central Valley is home to some of the United States' largest agricultural areas that feed large parts of the country. The Central Valley is dominated by wide flat plains surrounded by hills, thus forming the perfect ground for viticulture with optimal drainage and pronounced opportunities for quality control.

The climate in the Central Valley is hot and dry in summer and cool and humid in winter, with fog being a regular part of the season. This helps to ensure grapes that ripen optimally throughout the year and that have struggled for food during the early growing months. As a result, grapes with lots of intensity and typicality are harvested, grapes that form the basis of high quality wines.