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Ironwood Shiraz Merlot 2018

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Ironwood Shiraz Merlot


Ironwood Shiraz Rosé appears with a nice rich fruit taste of ripe juicy berries and with slightly spicy tones. It is an extremely pleasant wine with a lovely aroma of fresh strawberries and summer! The wine is nice close in the glass with a clear red color.

The wine is wonderfully refreshing, and should be enjoyed chilled, for example for salads, light meats, pastas or as a welcome drink.

  • Country of Origin: Australia - South Eastern
  • Grapes: Syrah / Shiraz
  • Taste Notes: Raspberries, strawberries, cranberries
  • Type: Rose
  • Serving Temp: 8-10 ° C
  • Alcohol: 13%