A Body Strong Enough For Two

A Body Strong Enough For Two


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August may just be a regular month for some but did you know that the first week of August marks World Breastfeeding Week? This internationally-recognised holiday sheds light on the health and wellness of pregnant and breastfeeding mothers and celebrates the unceasing love and care they give to their children. Whether you’re an expectant mom or are already on your breastfeeding journey, this blog will help you learn how to keep you and your little one in tip top shape at this crucial time!



Breastfeeding Wellness Basics


We typically understand breastfeeding wellness only to matter when the process of breastfeeding actually starts, but healthy, holistic, breastfeeding wellness comes from knowing we need to be healthy during pregnancy as well. As we know, the third trimester of pregnancy is when pregnancy is at its most taxing, where the body carries the baby at its heaviest [1]. This drains the mother’s nutrient intake, when the vitamins, fats, and minerals they eat are split between two people!


At this point, you may want to bulk up on the necessary vitamins and minerals that your body needs to support your baby. But there’s just one problem: sorting through supplements and vitamins is incredibly confusing! The sheer number of them is overwhelming, and the amount of misleading information on the internet is exasperating. As always, it is paramount that you fact-check whatever you read on the internet (including this blog post!) and cross-reference your findings with reputable sources! Of course, we can help you understand the basics, but nothing beats consulting your doctor if you have any questions.


With that in mind, have a look at this list of the best food and supplements to help you on your breastfeeding wellness journey!



In Preparation for Breastfeeding


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The third trimester of pregnancy is a trying time for any mother. A miracle of life is growing inside you — and they make that fact well-known by squirming around in your tummy! As your baby grows, their body also demands more nutrients, which means you will also need to adapt your diet for their sustenance and overall health. Here’s a couple of healthy foods to equip your body during this time:




Despite their small size, nuts are one of the healthiest food groups out there. Although low in carbohydrates, they are high in fats, minerals, and omega-3 fatty acids [2][3]. Pregnant mothers may tend to get full quickly towards the end of their pregnancy, as such NOW Foods Walnuts are the perfect snack to fulfil most of your nutrient needs in smaller, bite-sized portions.


NOW Foods Roasted Almonds is a mouthwatering option as well that provides the perfect crunch. With the weight of a growing baby, a bag of this fibre-rich snack will keep your energy going throughout the day!         



Organic Sweetener:


Pregnant mothers can often have unexpected cravings, and often many of them are of the sweet kind. Whether it’s ice cream or chocolate, they’re more often than not high-sugar products that can have negative effects on your baby in the long-term. NOW Foods Organic Monk Fruit Sweetener is an excellent sugar replacement. Add it to your favourite beverage, yoghurt, or any foods that you think need a little sweetening whenever your craving hits!



During Breastfeeding

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We have to be careful what we put into our body when breastfeeding. Along with a healthy diet, choose supplements that will replenish and renew your energy during breastfeeding!


Bone Support:


Strained by having to provide calcium to support two bodies, mothers often lose 3 to 5 percent of their bone mass during breastfeeding [4][5] so a continuous intake of calcium-rich foods or supplements is imperative for nursing mothers. NOW Foods Magnesium & Calcium, With Zinc and Vitamin D-3 is a unique supplement that matches your body’s demand for calcium. Its Magnesium & Calcium essential minerals support bone health, while the combination of Zinc and Vitamin D-3 assists in strengthening bone tissue [6].

Iodine deficiency:


Compounding studies on iodine deficiency have shown that the group most susceptible to iodine deficiency are pregnant and lactating women, which may jeopardise the optimal brain development of the foetus [7]. NOW Foods Potassium Plus Iodine provides the WHO-recommended daily iodine intake for nursing mothers and it even offers a boost of potassium that maintains electrolyte balance!


Essential Fatty Acids:


Fats can sometimes get a bad reputation, but essential fatty acids play a large role in your body health! NOW Foods DHA-250 with 125 EPA is a well-studied fatty acid that’s great for your brain and heart, while playing a critical role in the development of babies’ brains and eyes [8]. Found only in certain foods, this nutrient cannot be naturally produced by your body, making it all the more important for you and your baby to consume [9]!


Folic Acid:


Often found in leafy greens and fruits, breastfeeding mothers supply their babies with a hefty amount of folic acid, also known as Vitamin B9 [10]. It’s an important vitamin for babies — it facilitates the biosynthesis of DNA and RNA in cells — but mothers need it too! NOW Foods Folic Acid will ease the higher demand of folic acid mothers require when breastfeeding.





Steer Clear of these Foods!


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During the pregnancy, you might find yourself craving various foods as your body works double time to meet your baby’s ever-increasing needs. In most cases, eating the strangest things while pregnant is a completely normal bodily response. But keep in mind that as mothers, you have a responsibility to keep your baby healthy and strong. In addition to the food and supplements recommended above, take note that there are foods that you won’t be able to eat while carrying or nursing your little one.




Only small amounts of caffeine consumed by the mother will transmit to her breast milk [11]. As such, some morning coffee is perfectly fine every now and then — however, infants of mothers with high caffeine intake are often reported to have irritability, poor sleeping patterns, and jitteriness [11].




Surprising isn’t it! Although fish is a plentiful source of a variety of vitamins and nutrients (protein and fish oils are one of the few that top the list), many fish have high mercury levels that can harm the development of the brain and nervous system of your baby [11][12].


Regardless of what stage you are in pregnancy or if you’re already starting on your breastfeeding journey, it is important to know the basics of what your body will need to undergo to help support the development of a healthy baby. These foods and supplements are the best choices for you whether you’re pregnant or lactating!































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