Are you getting the right amount of sleep?

Posted by dean loh on

  1. First thing’s first, like we tell others so well – especially the kids: maintain a sleep routine. Showering half an hour before going to bed, brushing your teeth and dimming the lights will remind our body we’re getting ready to sleep.
  2. Exercised? That’s great! But not an hour before bedtime.
  3. Had dinner? Terrific! But don’t drink alcohol and don’t smoke. Let your body go to sleep clean.
  4. While preparing, turn the AC on, turn the lights off and try to create a quiet, dark and cool atmosphere.
  5. Turn down the volume on the TV or your music 15 minutes in advance to clue your body in.
  6. If you must stare at something to fall asleep: prefer a magazine over a tablet screen. The less light flashing in front of you, the better.
  7. Wear something light made of some stretchy, pleasant material.
  8. And one last tip that could have helped Samantha: keep a cold-water bottle next to your bed, take a few sips and let your body feel the coolness from within, before drifting off to a restful, recharging sleep.


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