Be Summer Ready, Keep Your Skin Healthy!

Be Summer Ready, Keep Your Skin Healthy!


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Since we are now in the middle of summer, we might be inclined to go out on fun summer vacations. After all, nothing beats the feeling of making a splash at beaches and swimming pools when the sun is high in the sky. But with the weather getting warmer, it’s always important to make sure we’re well-protected against common summer season skin issues.


For the summer season this year, we’re discussing some of the most common summer skin problems people of all ages face and how to treat and manage them.



Keep Cool


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When the summer heat strikes, the excessive sun exposure and ever-increasing heat index can leave us feeling lethargic. So, before any talk of vacation comes to mind, perhaps we can soothe our summer heat woes with the balm of these tips on staying cool.


  • Be sun smart – the most obvious way to reduce the effects of the summer sun is by, of course, limiting going outside during the hottest hours of the day. If you absolutely need to go out, always take regular breaks from direct sun exposure by finding cool shelter under awnings or sheds. You can also wear a hat or opt for loose-fitting clothing to keep everything breezy.
  • Hydrate regularly – of course, we can also limit the effects of the summer heat by keeping ourselves hydrated. This will prevent us from experiencing any adverse effects brought on by the season, such as dehydration or heat exhaustion. [1]
  • Choose spice – we may not realise it but eating spicy foods in the summer can actually help with releasing heat from the body! Eating spicy foods in hot weather raises your internal temperature to match the temperature outside. This then increases blood circulation and you start sweating which then cools the body down. [2]



Different Types of Summer Skin Problems


Acne breakouts


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What it is: Known as one of the most common skin problems in the summer, acne breakouts occur when bacteria and oils clog your pores. This is because our faces produce more oil during hot climates in order to release heat from our body. When this extra oil mixes with bacteria and fills our pores, it leads to acne popping up on our skin and face. [3]


How to treat it: Thyme has been found to be an effective tincture against acne. While rosemary essential oil has been found to be effective in reducing redness and puffiness. Simply add one drop of either NOW Foods White Thyme or NOW Foods Rosemary essential oil with 10 drops of NOW Foods Jojoba Oil before applying to the affected area.





What it is: During the summer, even hair follicles can get irritated. At first, it may look like small pimples typically found around tiny pockets from which hair grows. Then, they grow itchy and irritable. Folliculitis is not only itchy, it can even be embarrassing, especially since this infection can spread and turn into crusted sores. [4]


How to treat it: Folliculitis can be avoided when you limit wearing tight clothing in the summer and instead, opt for lightweight, loose-fitting clothes. If you do find yourself developing mild folliculitis, make sure to clean the affected area daily and apply aloe vera gel for further treatment. [5] You can also mix some NOW Foods Tea Tree essential oil with your shampoo, lotion or body wash. [6]



Prickly Heat


What it is: Due to the hotter weather, our skin produces more sweat. And with more sweat to deal with, our sweat glands can get blocked. You’ll know when you have heat rash when you feel your skin developing tiny, itchy bumps. When scratched, these tiny raised bumps only burst and release more sweat, making the cycle of itchiness and discomfort continue. [7]


How to treat it: Just as advised earlier, be smart when you have to go outside and choose times of the day when the sun is not at its highest in the sky. You can also keep your skin cool by taking frequent showers or even applying some soothing NOW Foods Aloe Vera Soothing Gel to affected areas.





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What it is: Perhaps one of the more well-known skin problems during the summer, sunburn affects people of every age. But they are definitely more prevalent in children, who are not always as aware of the sun’s harmful effects as adults are. Be careful though, sunburn not only spoils the summer fun but it can increase your risk of developing skin cancer. [8]


How to treat it: It goes without saying that once summer heats up, it’s best to keep a sunblock on hand just in case there’s any plans for a quick summer getaway. But in case you want to try something else, perhaps something more natural this summer, alternative sun-blocking products are also available, such as our NOW Foods Coconut Oil, which provides the skin and hair with much-needed nourishment in addition to a slight bump in sun protection.





What it is: Considered a pigmentation disorder, melasma can appear on the skin from extreme heat exposure. A melasma flare develops in the skin and spreads as a patch of grayish-brown discoloration in the affected area. It covers a larger area than freckles and often can stay on the skin longer. [9]


How to treat it: Unlike the other summer skincare problems on this list, melasma treatment is more about management than it is about total removal. In extreme cases, you can consult your dermatologist, but you can manage melasma by supporting your skin with our NOW Foods Vitamin C lotion as it can help protect the skin against environmental damage and lighten the dark patches gradually.
















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