Give Your Young Ones the Gift of Fun!

Give Your Young Ones the Gift of Fun!


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Children may be young, but they’re equally important members of the family. They bring smiles and a little bit of brightness into their families’ otherwise monotonous lives. The stresses of adulthood can sometimes be too much, but thanks to children, every day can be a little bit brighter. As such, it is only right that we celebrate the joy they bring their families.


As we commemorate Universal Children’s Day in all parts of the world on the 20th day of November, let us uphold their rights to freely be kids. Let’s also tap into our inner child with our kids with these fun and engaging activities we can do at home and outdoors.


 Family Activities to Do At Home


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Let’s say your child is a little bit shy around kids their age –– there’s no need to worry about it. In fact, shyness is a very common trait to babies and children. [1] This doesn’t mean they can’t have a little fun with their favourite playmates –– their parents! These fun at home activities may not be done under the sun, but it will help make sure your child is having as much social interaction in their early years before they brave the outside world.



Be Kitchen Crusaders – Some kids enjoy the great outdoors whereas some simply like a little recreational activity with mummy in the kitchen. For your young chef, try coming up with easy recipes for the pair of you to try. A simple snack that you can make together is pancakes, which is always a hit with kids, and making it has just been made easier with ready-made pancake mixes such as our NOW Foods Gluten-Free Pancake Mix. Or, you can step it up a bit more by making it from scratch and using NOW Foods Buttermilk Powder for fluffier results!


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Explore Your Creative Side – It’s no secret that children see the world differently than adults do. To them, it is a vast place filled with fun and adventure! Let your child run wild with their imagination even while at home by choosing activities for them that tap onto their innate creativity. Put on some music and spend the afternoon singing or dancing to their favourite hits (and yes, even if it’s still Baby Shark), perform a skit out of your child’s favourite story, dress up and role play as your child’s favourite cartoon character, or simply have a little playdate with them.



Engage in Healthy Competition – Whether we want to believe it or not, instilling a little competitive spirit in our kids is essential in their formative years. Healthy competition inspires kids to strive for the best. By nurturing their competitiveness, we can teach our children to be more inquisitive and even learn to work with others with the same goals. [2] Foster competition with your child by playing with them with board games, interactive games, or any sport that they know and love.  


Family Activities to Do Outdoors


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Just as there are naturally shy and reserved children, there are also children who are naturally friendly and outgoing. They make friends everywhere they go and prefer playtime with other kids their age. For the active child, choose more active, outdoor activities that give them a wide space to explore, test their limits, and socialise with other children. [3]



A Day at the Park – If you are a first-time mum, you might feel a bit anxious exposing your child to the elements by letting them roam around the local park. Of course, the curiousity of our children can sometimes worry us. We may worry about what they are touching, or seeing, or even putting in their mouths.


But the sprawling greenery of parks actually helps our children in their formative years. In a 2001 study, it was found that exposing children to nature increased their concentration, improved their motor coordination, and could even give them a boost in their academic performance later on in life. [4] If you’re worried about the pesky insects that come with a sunny day at the park, pack some NOW Foods Bug Ban to repel any potentially harmful insects, or make your own by mixing five drops of NOW Essential Oils White Thyme with two teaspoons of NOW Foods Jojoba Oil, and voila, a DIY bug repellent!


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A Fun Museum Day – If you have a very inquisitive child who finds more wonder in exploring and learning about the larger than life aspects of their world, you can go the extra mile and visit local museums or important historical landmarks. Just as letting their imagination run wild in at-home activities and park activities is important, so is getting them their own historical and/or scientific adventure. This is why field trips are especially important, which is something you can do as a family!

While out and about, you can also carry a mummy bag for anything your child might need while you’re on a little museum adventure. Got a little headache? Bring NOW Essential Oils Head Relief Roll-On. Feeling snacky? Make sure you have NOW Foods Raw Energy Nut Mix or NOW Foods Organic Raw Cacao Nibs on hand for an extra chocolatey treat!




Whatever type of activity you choose to have with your children, be intentional about it and have fun with them. So, mark your calendars now and start gathering the supplies you’ll need, including making reservations, if you must. And, for your mummy bag must-haves and kitchen supplies, don’t forget to check out NOW Foods for any essential you might need for a fun and safe day-out!









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