Set a New Year’s Skincare Resolution!

Set a New Year’s Skincare Resolution!



Brightly shines the new year, leaving us with anticipation and excitement for the coming 2022 along with a question or two about how to spend it. That’s right, it’s another time for some new year’s resolutions!


Learn a new hobby, save up for traveling, lose or gain weight… the list goes on and on, but here’s an important goal overlooked by many: achieving a healthy(er) skin! Our skin is the ultimate barrier that protects the body from the harms of the outer world, and surely deserves an annual renovation.


How about including a bullet or two on skincare in this year’s list of resolutions, or better yet, setting up a brand-new skincare resolution in itself? It’s much easier than it sounds—just follow us in our three-step guide to building a skincare plan. We’ll walk you through the whole process, from goal-setting to using the “right” products!


Step 1. Determine Your Skin Type & Need


Know thyself, they say—and this principle is the rule of thumb for setting a skincare goal. Everyone has their unique skin type and condition, each of which requires a different skincare approach. Which makes knowing your skin type and need a must before planning out a routine!


Usually, our skin falls into one or more of these general types, while differing in degree [1]:


  • Oily skin experiences fewer lines and wrinkles, but makeup tends to smear or wash off more easily. Sebum control and/or pore cleansing is vital in caring for oily skin.
  • Dry skin is more susceptible to dehydration, symptoms of which include cracks, flakiness, and tightness after washing. A rich moisturiser applied more frequently throughout the day helps keep dry skin hydrated.
  • Combination skin is most likely oily on the forehead and nose while drier around the cheeks. Balancing toners, eye creams, and area-specific treatments may help even it out.
  • Acne-prone skin experiences more redness, breakouts, and/or blackheads. Proper exfoliation and spot treatment with ingredients like salicylic acid or retinol may help relieve the acne.
  • Sensitive skin flushes and hurts more easily, and may not click with many general-use skincare products. Treat sensitive skin with soothing products that use as few additives and fragrances as possible.
  • Mature or aging skin is experienced by everyone, just at different paces. Fine lines and wrinkles are common signs of mature skin, along with dehydration and dark spots. Products with restorative ingredients like collagen may come in handy.


Step 2. Begin with the Skincare Routine Basics



Now that the skin type and need are identified, let’s jump into planning! Every skincare routine is generally built upon three basic steps: Cleansing, Toning, and Moisturising.




Every day, our skin faces the dirt and dust of the outside world—all of which accumulate in the pores and might clog them if unremoved [2]. Giving the skin a proper wash every morning and night helps avoid acne and inflammation.


But not just any kind of wash! Instead of washing with just water and soap, use a cleanser with the right formula tailored to your skin type [3]:


  • Oily or combination skin: use an airy foam-type cleanser that will help remove excess oil from the pores.
  • Dry and/or sensitive skin: an oily cleanser helps clean impurities without leaving the skin parched. Cleansing creams or oils like the NOW Solutions Soothing Rose Facial Cleansing Oil are ideal.
  • Acne-prone skin: use a gentle cleanser to soothe irritation and redness. Cleansing gels with anti-blemish ingredients, like the NOW Solutions Blemish Clear Gel Cleanser, can help deep-cleanse the pores to prevent future breakouts.
  • Mature skin: cleansing balms with rich, soothing textures help rejuvenate the skin while removing daily impurities.




Think of toning as an extra step in removing any leftover grime, while balancing the pH level of the skin to prepare for moisturisation. That’s right, balance! The key to effective toning comes from giving the skin exactly what it needs.


  • For hydration, look for ingredients like cucumber extracts and aloe vera. Hyaluronic acid is also a key ingredient that retains water to keep the skin tissues hydrated [4]. The NOW Solutions Hyaluronic Acid Facial Mist blends all of these into a clinically-tested formula proven to replenish thirsty skin.
  • For exfoliation, toners with alpha-hydroxy acid (AHA) come in handy [5]. While they help remove flakiness and clear clogged pores, exfoliating acids could be too strong for those with sensitive skin.
  • For soothing, find a toner that does not contain chemical preservatives like sulphates (SLS) or parabens, which may cause irritation. The NOW Solutions Rosewater Rejuvenating Mist replaces these additives with the natural antibacterial properties of rosewater.




Daily hygienic activities like washing, shaving, or exfoliating strip the skin of its natural hydrators and oils, leaving the skin dry. Without moisture, the skin loses its ability to repair and rejuvenate, and becomes more likely to develop extreme dryness or oiliness [6].


Moisturisers can range in texture from watery liquids to solid balms, depending on their oil content and, of course, which skin need they fulfil:


  • Gel moisturisers are mostly water-based and lightweight, hydrating the skin without leaving the surface too oily.
  • Cream moisturisers are thicker than gels or lotions, and are often used in nighttime skincare where replenishment and nourishment are the primary focus. The renewal formula of NOW Solutions Hyaluronic Acid Creme, for instance, works great for evening and overnight skincare.
  • Balm moisturisers provide the rich hydration that an extremely dry or mature skin may need. The NOW Solutions Organic Shea Butter is an example, used not only for facial care but all-around on lips, body, and hair as well!


Step 3. Add, Modify, and Play Around


This is the fun part where you’ll add and modify a skincare step or two between the three basics! Serums, exfoliating pads, eye creams, and face masks are all great examples that can enrich a skincare routine—that is, when used properly and adequately.


Consider looking into spot treatment to take care of small problem areas and breakouts. For discoloration and age spots, applying a drop of NOW Solutions Dark Spot Serum after moisturiser could help. On blemishes and areas of redness, try the NOW Solutions Blemish Clear Spot Treatment.


Feeling a bit extra? Add a nice essential oil bath to the routine! Or, dilute in carrier oil for topical application. Here are some suggestions [7]:




What’s next? Carrying the plan out and achieving that clean, smooth, and glowy skin! Make this new year a triumph with health and beauty both inside and out.












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