With the hormonal changes that come when we proceed into our 40s

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If you feel something’s wrong, and the set of two eyeshadows and half-dry mascara that helped you this far suddenly aren’t enough for a winning look – the truth is you’re probably right. With the hormonal changes that come when we proceed into our 40s, our facial skin and its flexibility changes, and our makeup ritual needs to change as well. How exactly? Here are three tips:

  1. Our skin becomes thinner, thus appearing paler. The solution: use a good foundation, the kind you never thought you’ll need. It’ll give your skin more depth, and increase its tone and fullness.
  2. Golds and yellows say “youth” – and not just that: they also help conceal the redness that can sometimes appear because of dryness or other reasons. Make them permanent residents of your makeup set.
  3. If you have dark hair, you will suddenly notice white hair in your eyebrows. Nothing looks younger than a pair of full, thick dark eyebrows.  Get a good eyebrow pencil, and keep it close. Make sure its color matches your original hair color. You can also color them permanently, so that you do not need to worry when you go to the pool with your kid.


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