[Harvest] Raldmoyer Portable Dental Water Jet (AT120)

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Elevate dental care experience to a new level. This ALL NEW advanced dental water jet comes with several added functions, especially to highlight one-of-its-kind Child's mode (patent pending) that is thoughtfully designed for delicate dental care.

The AT120 allows you to choose up to 6 different pressure modes and is packed with several other thoughtful and user-friendly functions. Experience an overall transformation in your dental health regimen with results that brushing and traditional flossing cannot achieve.

[Product Details]

* Trio modes with 6 pressure options: HIGH x 2 modes / MEDIUM x 2 modes / LOW x 2 modes + Child-friendly modes.

* Innovative Child's modes: Patent pending; gentle pressure functions designed for children or people with extremely sensitive gum.

* Patented safety lock: Protective function that prevents unintended operation.

* Auto switch-off: Smart and energy-saving function that switches device off when it is not in use for 30 seconds. * IPX7 waterproof rating. Safe for use during shower.

* Pulsating pressure combines with circular-spraying motion provide thorough cleaning; effectively removing plaque, cavity, bacteria and food debris trapped in between the teeth and message the gum.

* Balanced intensity and impact: Pulsation (up to 1400 times per minute) and narrow spraying diameter (0.6mm) allow water stream to penetrate effectively into smaller and hard-to-reach interdental spaces thereby removing build-ups and clean thoroughly.

* Recommended for orthodontic wire and implant cleaning: Simple and easy cleaning for braces, implants and bridges. Optional orthodontic jet tips are available.

* Magnetic induction USB charger – simple, safe, easy charging and universally adaptable.

* Built-in 1600mAH lithium-ion battery. 7-hour full charge can last up to 30 days’ use.

* Full water reservoir tank of 175ml can last up to 60 seconds of continuous usage. Reservoir tank is made of sustainable medical grade materials; safe and eco-friendly (FDA-approved, PBA-free, non-toxic and biodegradable).

* Elegant ergonomic handle design; anti-slip and easy to maneuver when flossing.

* 360 degree rotating jet tip for better reach to various angles.

* Portable and lightweight, 302g (device only). Convenient to carry in your outing bag for use after meals or when travelling.

Quality assurance, comes with 2 years’ limited warranty. Registration required.