Hair care Tips

Hair care Tips

However, there are a few things you can still do, because just like Melania – our hair is also past 40, so let’s treat it lovingly: give it moisture! It’s the most important tip, but also the simplest. Hairdressers have moisture treatment masks, and there are ones you can use at home. Four times a year is already an excellent start.

Here’s a terrific mask you can make by yourself at home, that’ll give your hair a big handful of moisture. The ingredients: one banana, one teaspoon lemon juice, one teaspoon coconut oil, and a spoon of honey. In a bowl, mash the banana into the liquids, mix well, and pour on your hair. Let it soak and reach the roots, and leave a least five minutes. Then wash with lukewarm water, and comb your hair gently. The coconut oil will add softness and shine, the lemon – strength, the banana – vitamins and the honey: moisture and luster. The added bonus: a pampered feeling that’s totally in your reach.



And one last thing you can learn from Melania: you don’t need to be blonde to look good – quite the contrary: dark hair shines brighter! So maybe at 40 you can ditch the yellow, and move to browns and blacks. That way you won’t only change your hair’s shine, but it’s personality: two birds in one stone.


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