Keep smiling

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  1. Brush after every meal or drink that’s not water. It’s simple and it works. It’s not always convenient to carry a toothbrush with you and spend some alone time with the sink, but you should try. Make sure to use one with soft bristles that won’t hurt the enamel or your gums.
  2. Remember apple vinegar? The same thing you might be using to remove limescale from the bottom of your kettle? It can also do wonders for your teeth. With your finger, rub a small amount on your teeth, then wash with a lot of water and brush with toothpaste as usual. Don’t let it stay on more than a few seconds, so as not to harm your teeth’s natural defenses.
  3. Chewing orange or lemon peels can do the same thing as apple vinegar, and remove different spots from your teeth. But watch it – we’re not talking about candy or chocolate. Use the real thing.

The next time you’ll look at a mirror – it still won’t be Julia Roberts looking back at you – but maybe you’ll see her smile.


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