Our Promise for Sustainable Food

Our Promise for Sustainable Food


Our Promise for Sustainable Food

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Human beings are social animals, said Aristotle, meaning we’re born interconnected. Everything we do is influenced by, and in turn influences, those around us—and that includes what we eat. Practices of food production, distribution, trade, and consumption are all linked in a big food system, constantly interacting and mutually impacting each other. That’s why our choices on which food to consume from which provider (and how) is important—everything we do influences everyone, and vice versa.


Acknowledging this nature in this year’s celebration of World Food Day (October 16), The United Nations points our attention to “food sustainability.” This month, we are encouraged to recognise the agri-food systems that they are part of; learn ways of choosing and consuming food that positively impact the planet; and appreciate the unseen “food heroes” who produce, harvest, or transport food. [1]


Likewise, NOW Foods is committed to ensure that sustainable and environment-friendly natural food products reach your pantry, shelf, and table. In line with World Food Day, we’ve decided to take this time to brief you on our eco-conscious manufacturing processes.


Helping Conserve Amazon Rainforests


In their production and manufacturing of Now Foods Organic Brazil Nuts, NOW Foods supports the preservation of Amazon nut forests for their high conservation value—how much a landscape contributes to the biological, ecological, and social health of the area [2]—including environmental contributions like biodiversity and extinction prevention, and social contributions in natural resource support for local communities.


The Amazon Conservation Association dubs Brazil nNuts an “emblematic crop of sustainability” that not only makes up the largest rainforest in the world but also one of the largest supporters for the local residents’ livelihood [3]. NOW Foods purchases Brazil nuts from Madre de Dios, Peru, because it is the only region in the country with enough Brazil nut trees for sustainable extraction. Growing these nut trees is essential in preserving the Amazon rainforests, as they can only survive in an undisturbed jungle system [4].


Photo: [2]


Committing to Achieve Environmentally Sustainable Production and Distribution


NOW Foods is committed to 100% non-GMO production by using their own Non-GMO Assurance Process to define and distinguish non-GMO products in collaboration with various third party certification processes [5][6]. With independent testing procedures for establishing and certifying non-GMO audit trails for their ingredients, NOW Foods ensures a completely GMO-free production for their food line brands where 100% of their food products are free of detectable GMOs.


Other environmental sustainability policies established and abided by NOW Foods include sourcing their Cocoa Lovers Organic Cocoa Powder from fair trade suppliers only. They also partner with private recycling organisations to recycle their pre- and post-consumer waste, and use recyclable packaging materials to include consumers (like you!) in the recycle process [7].


How Can I Contribute?


If you’re wondering what you can do, as a consumer, to support and practice food sustainability, begin with this simple list of individual-level contributions [8]:

  • Reduce food waste. Plan your meals ahead, and refrain from overbuying food. Minimising the amount of thrown-out food allows for a more productive allocation of food resources.

  • Aim for a vegetarian/vegan diet. The “switch” doesn’t have to be perfect, but cutting down on animal consumption helps reduce personal carbon emission. Consider substituting milk with Now Foods Organic Non-Fat Dry Milk Powder in dairy-containing recipes, an organic, vegan, and non-GMO dairy alternative. Now Foods Organic Textured Soy Protein serves as a nutritious and healthy vegetarian substitute for meat.

  • Invest in organic food. Support organic farms and grocers, or join a network of local food producers. This way, you not only gain easier access to ethically-sourced produce but also hold your food distributors accountable for upholding organic food production—including NOW Foods! Look for the “organic” label on our products as you shop.


Going Further on Sustainability


Real foods isn’t the only category of which Now Foods commits to keep production sustainable. Likewise, individual contributions for environmental sustainability like going vegetarian/vegan and prioritising organic ingredients also apply to various areas of consumption outside of food. Beauty and cosmetics is a great example of such fields! Check out these signs of sustainable beauty products to look out for when shopping [10]:

  • Consume cruelty-free products. A harmless production process that does not test ingredients or finished products on lives is not only ethical but also eco-friendly. Keep an eye for the Beauty without Bunnies cruelty-free certification [11] on Now Foods Solutions products, including the Now Foods Blemish Clear Gel Cleanser that ensures a vegan, paraben-free, and cruelty-free skin cleansing experience.

  • Go vegetarian/vegan. Just like with food, ruling out animal sources from the production chain of beauty and cosmetic products is a great way to reduce carbon emission.

  • Look for organic and/or naturally-derived ingredients. This includes oils derived from natural sources rather than synthesised chemicals; or botanical ingredients grown, harvested, and processed with minimal impact on the environment. Even hand sanitisers can be made organically in this way: Now Foods Hand Cleansing Spray uses pure ethanol derived from sugar cane, as well as steam-distilled essential oils.


Food systems and sustainability are intertwined with our daily reality. The products we enjoy don’t magically appear before us—they come to us from a long chain of providers, transporters, and suppliers.  In turn, our everyday choices on which products to consume and how to consume them contributes to, and transforms, that chain. By supporting environmentally-conscious production, we fulfill our part in keeping these chains in healthy operation. Join us now in our restless effort to improve our participation in the food system, and help us grow—together.

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