Simple Steps to Managing the Mood

Simple Steps to Managing the Mood


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We’re approaching the edge of 2021, and quite a few of us “feel” the later seasons of the year with the blues kicking in. Feeling periodic ups and downs is not a rarity [1], but that doesn’t mean we should let it soak our mind and body in the gloom through the rest of the year!


Surely, we all have different and unique coping methods for emotional difficulties, ranging from stress-baking to chatting with friends or even seeking professional treatment—but mild mood swings and glooms can surely be handled with a healthy and mindful lifestyle.


Don’t know where to begin? No fret, we’ve put together a simple guide to help get you started! Try these daily routines and suggestions to set sail toward focus, relaxation, and mood management.


Finding Focus and Energy


Maintaining vitality is all about the cycle. It’s always important to develop and follow healthy habits throughout the day, from morning to night, then again to the morning. Here are five such habits to begin with, scattered out through the 24-hour cycle:

  • Waking up: hydrate. After hours of sleep, the morning body is extremely dehydrated. Begin the day with at least 500mL of plain water.
  • Morning: begin the day with a little caffeine. Contrary to common belief that it is “all bad,” a moderate intake of caffeine actually helps boost alertness and brain performance [2]. NOW Foods Organic Matcha Green Tea Powder contains just the right amount of caffeine to help wake the mornings up while taking much less toll on the body than coffee.
  • Afternoon: recharge sugar-free. Snacking is a great way to re-energise during the second half of the day. Remember to do it sugar-free, though, to maintain a balanced blood sugar level and thus a more stable level of focus. Nuts are a great alternative to sugary sweets, loaded with fibre and healthy fats! A bag of Now Foods Raw Energy Nut Mix provides an assortment of everyone’s favourite nuts to recharge in the afternoon.
  • Evening: rest the brain. Sometimes the best way to focus is to rest—properly. A quick aromatherapy session can assist in getting quality rest for the brain while keeping it active and motivated. Try surrounding the mind and body with the vitalising citrus mint aroma from the Now Foods Mental Focus Oil Blend.
  • Night: get better sleep. Sleep is one of the most effective health practices that ensures proper body function, improves performance, and aids in recovery [3]—and it comes for free! Make the most out of nighttime with quality sleep, aided with a warm cup of non-caffeinated tea. If choosing the right pre-sleep tea is a hassle, simply use a bag of Now Foods Real Tea, Nighttime, a blend of soothing herbs like chamomile and passionflower.


Feeling Calm and Relaxed


Let’s face it, a simple day at school, work, or chore-stacked home can in itself be overwhelming at times. Try reserving just twenty minutes each day for meditation, to calm down and shoo off those moments of frustration with a strong foundation of inner peace.


First to meditation? Here’s an easy-to-follow 6-step guide to settling the mind and body into calmness:


Yoga Nidra Meditation for Relaxing the Mind and Body [4]


This meditation practice is widely known as yoga nidra or “yogic sleep,” and works the magic of shifting our brainwaves from beta (small, faster waves of alertness and activity) to alpha (slower, larger waves of relaxation and peace) [5].

  1. Get comfortable. Set up a practice space (place a yoga mat if there is one). Place a firm pillow or a folded blanket under the head. Lie down in a comfortable position, and release tension throughout the body.
  2. Connect with the Sankalpa. Sankalpa refers to one’s deepest intention or desire. Imagine goals, wants, or needs yet unachieved or unrecognised. Then, feel that desire with the entire body.
  1. Find the inner sanctuary. Draw an image of a place, person, or experience connected with feelings of security, peace, and well-being. Revisit this image during the practice, and in daily life at overwhelming moments.
  2. Scan the body. Go through each and every part of the body and notice all of its sensations. This includes breathing—the flow of air, the rise and fall of the chest, the energy entering and exiting the body.
  3. Welcome the feelings. Notice and observe any emotion, sensation, memory, or thought occurring in the mind throughout the practice. Welcome them as is, without judging or changing them. Let this awareness lead to feelings of joy, warmth, and pure being (being one’s purest, truest self).
  4. Reflect on the journey. Slowly bring awareness back to the present, and restate the Sankalpa.

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For an extra boost: lighting up a couple candles or running a diffuser with a relaxing aroma makes great company for this meditation session! Aromatherapy also works great independently, if reserving time and space to lie down isn’t a feasible option. For starters, take a look at our top-three essential oil choices for relaxing [6]:

  • Lavender. Perhaps the most widely known essential oil for calming, lavender is proven for its properties in easing anxiety and tension, soothing emotions, and improving sleep quality. Apply it anywhere using 100% pure Now Foods Lavender Essential Oil, or keep a compact bottle of Now Foods Lavender Essential Oil Blend Roll-On in purses or drawers for a handy aromatherapy fix.
  • Blue Tansy.  Blue tansy offers a sweet and fresh aromatherapy experience that soothes irritation and relaxes the mind. Its calming effect also applies to topical uses, when diluted in carrier oil and used for massages. Try the Now Foods Blue Tansy Essential Oil, pre-diluted into a 10% blend for simpler preparation.
  • Vetiver. A fan of earthier, woodier scents over fruity or floral ones? Try the unique grassy aroma of vetiver! Use a few droplets of Now Foods 100% Pure Vetiver Essential Oil for a relaxing aroma bath to ground tensed emotions back in peace.


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Feeling stressed, overwhelmed, or anxious isn’t a shameful thing, especially in such busy cycles of modern urban life. Taking conscious measures for emotional healing is often dubbed as lazy or unnecessary—but it’s not! Restoring a stable and healthy mood is the number-one source of motivation and energy that will take us far and beyond. So don’t hesitate; heal, rest, and feel great again.


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