Keeping the Beaches Clean for Summer!

Keeping the Beaches Clean for Summer!

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 Though beaches are considered luxury places for vacation, they are an equally important part of our ecosystem. They connect us to the oceans and seas that provide us with many wonderful resources – from food to important minerals. Thus, it is very important to keep our beaches clean.


We may not think about beaches in the context of marine pollution either, but the reality is that a great deal of marine life actually depends on the health of a beach ecosystem. Organisms living buried in the sand provide nutrients to the sea, and their cleanliness ensures the marine ecosystem continues to thrive. [1]


For Clean the Beaches week, which falls on the first week of July, we must understand the impact of trash on our beaches, no matter how small they may appear. Taking the initiative can be our first step in contributing to the health of our oceans!


When going on beach clean up

Living near or around a beachside area has its perks. You can go for a quick dip or even just enjoy a walk on the beach to feel that salty seaside breeze. But just like many places in the world, some of our beaches can be littered with various junk and plastic waste. If you live close by a beach or live somewhere where there is a public beach within walking distance, try beach cleaning activities with your family (or friends!). You can join a planned one or even just head out to the beach and initiate the activity yourself!


For Clean Beaches Week, here are some tips to remember when you do decide to schedule your very own beach clean up drive!


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Pick a beach – the first thing to do is, of course, figure out what beaches will need that little clean up TLC. This step is also crucial just in case the beach already has beach clean up activities lined up that you can sign up to or if you will need a small fee to pay to enter the beach.
You may wonder why there are entrance fees on certain beaches, but it’s important to note that all beaches still require maintenance and often offer toilets and showers, which are privately owned. The entrance fees may go to the maintenance of those facilities, which beachgoers will need.

Plan a time – Planning a time for the beach clean up can help you choose a time of the day that wouldn’t be too hard on the skin. You can also do this very easily if you’ve already picked a beach. With that step done, you can identify what times of the day beachgoers will be at the beach and what time they will leave. You can plan to do the clean up after the guests have left or even while they are still at the beach, as a way to serve a good example to the community.

Alternatively, you can choose days that will fall after a long weekend or a public holiday, when loitering will be at its peak. [2] You can also opt for an early morning beach clean up schedule if crowds just aren’t your thing.

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Gear up – of course, a day at the beach requires proper, cool and breezy clothing, regardless of what time of the day you want to do the clean up on. Before heading to the beach for the clean up, wear slippers or aqua shoes that will help protect your feet against any debris that might be buried in the sand. You should also opt for cotton or linen clothes, so that you stay cool the entire time.

And of course, don’t forget to really amp up your beach protection by applying sunscreen. With NOW Foods products, you can even make your own sunscreen for some extra sustainability points! [3] It’s really simple – simply combine 1 cup of aloe vera juice, ¼ cup NOW Solutions Avocado Oil, 15 drops carrot seed essential oil and 10 drops NOW Foods Myrrh Essential Oil in a spray bottle and shake well before use!

Remember! Sun protection at the beach is a must. Even on cloudy days! Experts say that UV rays can still penetrate even the gloomiest looking clouds [4] so it’s always a good idea to put on some sunscreen regardless.

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Get Cleaning! – Now that you’re ready for the great outdoors, it’s now time to drop by your local beach for your clean up activities. Before going, don’t forget to wear some long-lasting deodorant for the activity. Stay fresh with our NOW Solutions Long Lasting Deodorant Stick and for an extra layer of protection from those seaside bugs, use our NOW Foods Bug Ban Natural Insect Repellent.

Celebrate the Day – Now that you’ve finished your beach clean up initiative, it’s time to relax and unwind and give your skin some much needed loving from the day’s activities. If you were out with your kids, you can replenish their energy and fortify their health by having them take two NOW Kids Kid Vits chewables after their dinner! You can also set up a rejuvenating bath to treat your skin after the long day. Freshen up your post-shower skin with some NOW Solutions Rosewater Hydrating Mist!


By using our NOW products, you are supporting our commitment to a better, greener future. We have partnered with The Conservation Foundation to help promote healthy gardens and water conservation. We also participate in programs including the sales of rain barrels, composters, rainwater diverters, flower boxes, plant hangers and more. [5]


NOW has also facilitated and organised annual forest cleanings in collaboration with Forest Preserve District of DuPage County since 1998. NOW employees can clean, plant native seeds, set up fish nurseries and clear invasive plants as part of the volunteer events. [6] NOW helps to keep forests clean – so you can do your part also and keep our beaches clean for the summer!













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