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Speacial Promo [Borges] Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil - 500ml

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A delicate extra virgin olive oil made with 100% organically grown olives. See what a difference these eco-friendly production methods make:
- no pesticides
- no herbicides
- no chemical products
from planting all the way through the process.

Ideal for cooking, frying, dressing or seasoning.
Recent scientific studies have suggested that olive oil contributes to the prevention and control of cardiovascular diseases, digestive system problems, diabetes and can aid cellular oxidation.

Oleic acid, the main component of olive oil, increases levels of good cholesterol (HDL) by carrying the bad cholesterol deposited in the arteries, to the liver where it is removed, so that risks of arterial thrombosis and heart attacks are reduced.

In addition, given its content of POWERFUL ANTIOXIDANTS, including sterols, tocopherols and vitamins (specially vitamin E), olive oil helps to eliminate free radicals and strengthen the cell membrane. Its consumption is recommended especially during childhood and old age.
  • It helps prevent arteriosclerosis and its risks.
  • It improves the function of the stomach, pancreas, liver and intestines.
  • It aids in the protection of epidermis and acts as a natural skin cleanser.
  • It improves metabolic functions.
  • It stimulates growth and enhances the absorption of calcium and mineralization.